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Detachable Trough МК 600

The detachable trough is designed for drawing off solution into the circulation system of a drilling rig. The trough’s telescopic two-piece design allows dismounting and substituting it by the equipment necessary for elimination of oil shows without cutting a fountain jet, including when a downhole tool is inside of a wellbore.

The detachable trough is attached to the upper preventer’s flange.

The detachable trough’s side outlet is connected to the circulation system by an inclined pipe.

The distinctive features of the МК 600 detachable trough are:

  • The two-piece telescopic design which allows adjusting the required side outlet height without cutting and welding where the latter is securely fixed with a clamp.
  • The base trough is applicable to all well borers depending on the “insert” length.
  • The trough has a long-life silicon connector seal.

The following design variants can be customized:

  • An elbow bend or side outlet for the sleeve Dу 325 GOST 5398-76;
  • A connector to a BOP flange complying with GOST 28919-91 (230х35 / 350х35);
  • An outlet and insert height, and limits of the outlet height adjustment.
Technical Specifications
  BU 3000
BU 2900/175 BU 3900/225
BU 3900/225
BU 4000/250
(UBK 250 МК-Ch)
BU 4000/250
Outlet length, max (mm) 1688 2774 4274 5374
Outlet length, min (mm) 1131 2217 3717 4817
Insert, (mm) - 1080 2580 3680
Overall dimensions, max (mm) 2438 х 1146 х 482/675 3524 х 1146 х 482/675 5024 х 1146 х 482/675 6124 х 1146 х 482/675
Mass, max., kg 435 545 670 760
Detachable Trough МК 600