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Mud Circulating Systems

Mud circulating systems TsS 200 are designated for preparation and keeping solutions for well drilling as well as for their cleaning and bringing to the required parameters before repeated application.

Mud circulating systems TsS 200 have a unit-modular construction. Design of modules in the form of dimensional blocks of the maximum factory readiness with preliminarily mounted equipment and piping elements provides high mobility during relocation of drilling rigs.

The mud circulating systems include:
  • Tank unit for coarse cleaning of drilling mud and degassing;
  • Tank unit for fine cleaning;
  • Tank unit for drilling mud preparation and operating capacity;
  • Tank unit for drilling mud storing.

During installation the equipment units are installed as the second layer on top of tank units and tied-up by pipelines.

Connection between the tanks is carried out through quick-disconnect couplings using corrugated pressure-suction hoses with India rubber expansion pipe.

In the tank unit for mud preparation, there is a possibility of installation of a re-entry guide.

Mobile circulating system is equipped with the system of forced ventilation and lighting in explosion proof design. All technological tanks have connection for heating, and buildings are equipped with air heating units. All surfaces of a mobile circulating system have corrosion resisting three layer coating.

Technical Specifications
Description Value
Mud circulating system, full volume, m3 200
Mud channel nominal bore, mm 320
Variation range of drilling mud values:
- density , g/sm3 0,8-2,5
- PH value 9-13
- Drilling mud degree of mineralization, kg/mЗ 300
- Plastic viscosity , Pa/s 0,05-0,025
- Dynamic yield point , Pa 1-40
- Drilling mud maximum operating temperature, °С 60
Production capacity of the system , l/sec 60
Overall dimensions of one tank in the transport position, mm 12192 х 2438 х 2590
Weight of a single tank, up to, t 12
Thickness of tank walls, mm 5
Weight-lifting capacity of the traveling hoist, t 1
Internal cross section of connections between tanks 250
Mud Circulating Systems