About company


Neftekamsk Machinery Plant of Special Equipment Ltd. was founded in June, 2002 based on production facilities of Neftekamsk Drilling Tools Plant, built in 1986.

In September, 2002 the plant produced its first products – re-usable perforating punches designed for drilling-in in oil and gas wells.

Year 2003 - Production of special equipment, representing the units of two types: assembly hoists with load carrying capacity of 6.3, 25 and 32 tons for wells installation, and assembly hoists with load carrying capacity of 32, 40 and 50 tons for well workover and servicing.

2004 – Production of the first UP-32 pulling units based on KRAZ truck and Burlak 250 assembly hoists based on ChTZ tractor.

2005 – Special machinery assembly section was separated and located at the new shop completed with modern welding and assembly equipment.

In July, 2005 there was produced the first unit on the basis of URAL track.

2006 – Assembly hoist Burlak 400 with carrying capacity of 40 tons was designed and put into production.

In August, 2006 the quality management system of NKMZ Ltd. successfully passed the certification audit in Buro Veritas Independent Certification Body.

2007 – New type of machinery designed specially for operations in northern regions of Russia – the pulling unit UP-40C with an “A”-shaped tower and chain drive winch - was added to the line of  the production.

2009 – Assembly hoists PM-25 hydro and PM-32 hydro were designed and put into production.

February, 2010 - Production of special machinery was spun off into a separate entity as Neftekamsk Machinery Plant of Special Equipment.

2010 – Assembly hoist PM-6.3 hydro with a hydraulic boom and hook block drive was designed and put into production.

2013 – Beta testing of the new item MK200 Roller Kelly Bushing (analogue of Kalibush). Roller kelly bushing became well-proven in drilling companies thanks to its continuous service life comparing to similar products of competitors. As a result, in 2014, there started a serial production of roller kelly bushings.