Decanter Centrifuge MK750

    CRUISER centrifuge is a decanter type separator and is used for separation of solids from the liquid phase. Decanter represents a centrifugal separator with a horizontal axis of rotation. The processed fluid or drilling mud is fed into the rotating cylinder where solids are separated from liquid. Solids are displaced toward the inner cylinder wall while the liquid phase creates a vortex flow inside the solid phase. A screw conveyer carries solids towards the cone type cylinder end. Liquid moves along the spiral trajectory created by the conveyer blades to the drain ports located on the side of the wide cylinder end.
    MK750 decanter centrifuge is designed for a higher solution recovery rate due to higher power and improved solution flow characteristics at the inlet and outlet of the plant.
    The main 37 kW- and auxiliary 11 kW electric motor power allows feeding more solution into the cylinder and at the same time provides the required torque for removal of solids the amount of which has been increased due to the increased rate of the soiled drilling mud supply.


  • Operational characteristics:
- Tip brazing on the working area of the screw conveyer
- High speed of the cylinder rotation
- Rotating group made of stainless steel
  • Safety:

- Vibration sensor
- Torque limiter
- Protecting limit switches placed on protective casing and cylinder cover


  • Service performance:

- Higher wear resistance of screw conveyer blades, serviceability and lower servicing volume;
- High cylinder rotation speed increases the centrifugal effort, improves efficiency of solids removal and provides high separation efficiency of drilling mud;
- Possibility to control the cylinder rotation speed, centrifugal effort and differential speed setup to improve separation efficiency (by change of belt pulley);
- High corrosion resistance;
- Minimum level of vibration and noise.


Overall dimensions:



3285 mm


1778 mm


1102 mm


3002 kg

Power consumption:

Alternating current – 380 V, 50 hz, 3 phases

Electric motors:

Nominal capacity

Rated speed

Main drive

37 kW

1460 rpm

Auxiliary drive

11 kW

1445 rpm

Electric equipment

Explosion proof



1422 mm


356 mm



Screw type with axial flow


Stainless steel

Reducing gear:


Planetary gear

Gear ratio


Throughput capacity


Up to 50 m3/h

Engineering data:

Cylinder rotation speed

1900 rpm

2500 rpm

3250 rpm

Centrifugal effort

718 G

1243 G

2100 G

Removed particles size

6-9 micron

4-5 micron

2-3 micro

Vibration speed

≤7.5 mm/s

Differential speed

31 to 56 rpm