Roller Kelly Bushing МК200

Roller kelly bushing is designed for torque transmission from rotary table to kelly bar.

Kelly bushing can be used with different unit sizes of kelly bars.

  • Wear-resistant alloy steel is used in manufacturing of rollers.
  • Rollers have sleeve bearings and high tenacity synthetic material plates which ensure a longer operating life comparing to usual bearing parts, thus jamming of rollers is impossible.
  • Increased torque moment comparing to the Russian analogues

When changing the unit sizes of kelly bar, the following is replaced:

  • rollers (roller diameter is changed);
  • pipe wiper (square aperture size is changed);
  • square sectors (square aperture size is changed);

Roller kelly bushing marking


Design size of kelly stem*, mm 80
89 108
112 133  140  150
Torque moment, kN x m


Overall dimensions, max., mm

Ø 600 х 832

Mass, max., kg