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Reed speed switch (KAGV)

The reed speed switch is designed for discrete remote control of electric drives equipped with frequency regulation, including the auxiliary winch of the drilling rig.

At the request of the customer, the reed speed switch can be used to control the variable drive of the auxiliary winch on drilling rigs operating on stationary offshore oil and gas facilities.

The reed speed switch has an explosion protection level "Explosion-proof equipment" in accordance with GOST 31610.0, provided by the type of explosion protection "Sealing with compound (m)" in accordance with GOST 30852.17, and in accordance with the explosion protection marking 1ExmIIT5X complying to GOST 31610.0 can be operated in explosion hazardous areas in accordance with PUE, chapter 7.3 "Electrical installations in explosion hazardous areas”, where the formation of explosive mixtures of categories IIA, IIB and IIC of groups T1, T2, T3, T4 and T5 according to GOST 30852.19 is possible, and other regulatory and technical documents that determine the applicability of electrical equipment in explosive zones.

On the front surface of the casing, there are installed the following plates: explosion protection marking, diagram of switching contacts of the reed speed switch and passport data. An earth clamp is installed on the side wall of the casing for connecting the reed speed switch to a common earth network.

The reed speed switch has a protective handle above the casing for the entire travel of the control lever handle to prevent accidental shifting of the lever. The handle is removable and fastened with four screws to the side walls of the reed speed switch cover.

The reed speed switch is connected by cable to the terminal box installed on the drilling rig.

Reed speed switch (KAGV)